Nilufer Leuthold

Cultural Education Director

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A native of Turkey and a U.S. citizen, Nilufer joins Utah Global Diplomacy with twenty years of experience in international
relations, starting her career in diplomacy working at embassies overseas as the executive assistant to
the ambassador and the diplomatic programs manager. Nilufer is a United Nations veteran who worked
in different capacities at UNICEF and UNHCR field offices in Turkey, supporting Syrian Refugees, mainly
women, children, and the vulnerable refugee population.

Before joining Utah Global Diplomacy, Nilufer worked as the International Programs Manager at the Northern Nevada
International Center, managing (IVLP-SUSI-Open World-Fee for service) programs. She is also a working
member of the Global Ties U.S. Network DEIA Working Group and a recipient of the Network Innovation

Leuthold holds a B.A. in Business Studies from Sudan University of Science and Technology as a study
abroad and is currently pursuing her master’s degree in international relations and conflict resolution
with a concentration on security and comparative issues in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) at
the American Public University. She is multilingual and fluent in Turkish and Arabic. She is married and
enjoys hiking and camping with her family.