Dr. Jody Olsen: 20th Director of Peace Corps 

Peace Corps: Making a Difference Through People to People Diplomacy

Since the founding of Peace Corps over 58 years ago, more than 235,000 Volunteers have served in over 141 host countries across the globe. The three goals that have always defined Peace Corps remain at the heart of our work today: our commitment to sending Americans abroad to tackle pressing challenges; promoting a better understanding of the United States in the communities served by our Volunteers; and helping Americans better understand those who live beyond our shores in this increasingly interconnected world.

Join Dr. Jody Olsen as she discusses how the Peace Corps is unique among service organizations because our Volunteers live and work at the community level for two years, learning the language, culture, and related development technical skills. Through these cultural exchanges and the Peace Corps second and third goals, Volunteers serve as cultural ambassadors – for many communities the only American ‘ambassadors’ they will ever meet. Through these cultural exchanges Volunteers exchanges ideas, vision, and values with the citizens of their host countries.