Panel: Lee A Carter, Yasuhiro Uozumi, Ambassador James Zumwalt, Dr. Satohiro Akimoto

Alliance Working in Utah: Impact & Importance of U.S.-Japan Relations

The U.S.-Japan alliance not only plays a key role in ensuring Indo-Pacific security and prosperity but has also served as the foundation to strengthen economic, cultural, and other ties between the two countries. How important is Japan as a partner of the United States and of Utah? This panel of experts from Washington, D.C. and a representative of Japanese business in Utah assessed the role of the U.S.-Japan security alliance, depth and breadth of U.S.-Japan relations, and the impact of Japanese business investments in Utah. Explore how U.S.-Japan relations serve U.S. national and regional interests. 

This event was held in collaboration with Sasakawa Peace Foundation USA’s The Alliance Working in America (TAWA) program, which seeks to engage regional leaders and audiences across the United States on the importance of U.S.-Japan relations to U.S. regional and national interests, and World Trade Center Utah.