Colette Rausch: Associate Vice President, Global Practices and Innovation, U.S. Institute of Peace 

Fighting Serious Crimes: Strategies & Tactics for Conflict-Affected Societies

Utilizing her recently published book, Fighting Serious Crimes: Strategies and Tactics for Conflict-Affected Societies as a reference, Ms. Colette Rausch will explore how serious crimes – such as violent extremism, political violence, organized crime, and corruption – fuel violent conflict and thwart peace-building efforts. She will discuss how fragile states with weak institutions and governance are unable to stem the tide these threats pose to peace with dangerous consequences all too evident across the globe.

Ms. Rausch will answer questions including what can be done to address violent extremism and strengthen the rule of law, and how individuals can serve as peace builders in their communities. Ms. Rausch is an associate vice president, Global Practice and Innovation, at the U.S. Institute of Peace. She leads the development of new approaches, research, learning, and tools to be used to address violent extremism, strengthen inclusive societies, and promote justice, security, and rule of law. She has directed or participated in missions and projects in more than two dozen countries including Afghanistan, Iraq, Kosovo, Liberia, Libya, Myanmar (Burma), Nepal, Nicaragua, and Yemen.

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