Mr. Matthew LaPlante: Professor, Reporter & Author

Roll Over Hemingway: Global Travelers Can Save Foreign Correspondency

Mr. Matthew LaPlante will examine the notion that after a decade of severe cuts in international news reporting by major news organizations, the time is right for global travelers to take the helm of foreign correspondency, as he has done so himself.

When Mr. LaPlante left his job as a full-time newspaper journalist, he worried his most important work was behind him. However, he will discuss that from an exposé on ritual tribal infanticide in Ethiopia, to a feature exploring the legacy of genocide in Cambodia, to a series of reports on gang violence in El Salvador, the past few years have been his most successful as a reporter, even though he spends far less of his time doing journalism.  His work has been featured in The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Daily News,, and Christianity Today, among other publications. He was a staff reporter for The Salt Lake Tribune from 2004 to 2011 when he left to join the faculty at Utah State University where he teaches news writing, crisis reporting, and feature writing.  He is the recipient of the Kavli Award, one of the nation’s top honors for science journalism, as well as the Ancil Payne Award, one of the top honors for ethics in journalism.