Charles Person: Original Freedom Rider

Buses Are a Comin': A Freedom Rider's Journey

(Part 1 of 2) An Exploration of Racism: The U.S. and Beyond 

Sixty years ago in 1961, Charles Person served his country as best he knew how. He got on board a bus of change and rode that bus toward a destination called “Freedom.” For his generation, “freedom” meant being treated like a normal human being. “Normal” meant ordering and eating food at lunch counters as white people could. “Normal” meant sitting in the best waiting areas of bus depots as white people could. “Normal” meant using restrooms as white people could. “Normal” meant riding the front of that bus, as white people could. He and Richard Rooker will discuss how he decided to take that journey that put his life on the line and what it means now to be an activist fighting for not only racial justice but gender equality, environmental justice, and more.

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