Friends of Utah: Eduardo Acosta

YLAI group visiting Southern Utah's red rocks YLAI group visiting Southern Utah's red rocks

Mr. Eduardo Acosta is the Founder and CEO of GüashApp, an app where people can request their laundry to be picked up, washed, and dropped off at their location. This company uses clean transportation solutions, biodegradable plastic bags, and the newest technology to serve their clients in Colombia. Mr. Acosta’s objective in our program was to hone his entrepreneurial talents for the continued success of his local business.

As part of the Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI), Mr. Acosta related during his professional fellowship with BoomStartup that “in one month I’ve accomplished what would have taken me 6 months to a year to learn.” YLAI fellows spend several weeks at a time working extensively with their host organization to acquire skills that propel participants and their businesses forward. He attributes a portion of his individual growth to his entourage of colleagues, adding that “the friends I got there are friends who are going to stay with me for the rest of my life.” International visitors often report a unique growth characterized on both personal and professional levels, and Mr. Acosta is no exception.

Young Leaders of the Americas Utah Global DiplomacyEduardo, center, flanked by other YLAI Fellows

Since his visit in September 2018, Mr. Acosta has reported that his professional ambitions have led him to pursue a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship in Sweden. We are exceptionally overjoyed to hear that he “[has] been able to apply the knowledge acquired in [his] life in Utah” while undertaking this rewarding challenge. It is equally empowering to witness his trajectory enhanced in exponential ways.

Sweden Young leaders of the Americas initiative Utah Global DiplomacyEduardo in front of Högskolan i Halmstad, pursuing his Master's

The lasting impression Mr. Acosta felt can be summarized neatly: “Utah is a perfect combination of fun, innovation, entrepreneurship, friendship, and family,” emphasizing its role as an “ecosystem.” He observed this seamless network of Utah’s interconnected organizations during his stay. Mr. Acosta was especially inspired to witness the far-reaching opportunities available to young people, women, and refugees in Utah and hopes to connect with Utah Global Diplomacy in the future. We wish him the best in his graduate studies!