Friends of Utah: Hanning Mutukiriza

Hanning Mutukiriza and International Visitors with Home Hospitality Hosts Hanning Mutukiriza and International Visitors with Home Hospitality Hosts

In August 2016, Utah Global Diplomacy welcomed International Visitors with The Role of Faith Based Organizations in a Diverse Democracy program to Salt Lake City. This Uganda-based program aimed to examine the role of religious leaders in an increasingly diverse community and observe the interplay between religion and politics in the U.S. While in Utah, the group also explored world and local relief services and state government faith-based initiatives. They also conducted a specific case study on the Mormon Church and LGBT acceptance.

Among our International Visitors was Hanning Mutukiriza. Father Hanning Mutukiriza heads the Kampala Bible Revelation Church, whose congregation is primarily university students. As Senior Pastor, he is in charge of public relations and oversees all of the church’s activities. Father Mutukiriza also teaches informal bible study classes with area pastors.

Now that is has been one year since his visit, Father Mutukiriza shared with Utah Global Diplomacy the impact of his time in Utah. He still remembers being impressed by the beautiful landscapes, modern architecture, public transit and cleanliness of Salt Lake. He also shared, that he "was impacted by the love people of Utah have and the strong religious society. I also learned a lot about volunteerism and how we can change people's lives.”

Uganda Role of Faith Utah Legistature photo by Hanning Mutukiriza Utah Global DiplomacyInternational Visitors at Utah State Capitol

“[My experience in Utah] changed the way I work and the attitude I had about my country. I head a Christian organization and right now we have greatly transformed our entire buildings and cleanliness is beginning to appear everywhere. That friendliness and love is also exhibited more than ever before.”

Utah Global Diplomacy thanks Father Mutukiriza for the great impact he is making within Uganda and wishes him the best in continued religious work and community change.