Friends of Utah: Idalia Mendez

Idalia performing calibrations. Idalia performing calibrations.

In May 2017, Utah Global Diplomacy welcomed an exceptional group of women to Salt Lake City with the program Women Leaders: Drivers of Social Change. This project explored the role that women leaders in politics, business, public service and civil society play as agents of change and advancement in their communities. They met with women’s organizations and influential women in public service, politics, NGOs, businesses, foundations, schools, and community organizations to discuss their contributions to issues affecting women, families, children, and society at large. They also explored a variety of programs designed to encourage and prepare women to take on leadership roles. Idalia Mendez of El Salvador was among these contributing leaders in social and economic advancement.

Women Leaders May 2017 photo by Womens Business Center Utah Global DiplomacyIdalia Mendez with Women Leaders: Drivers of Social Change

Ms. Idalia Mendez currently works as part of the operations management team at LaGeo’s geothermal power plant in Ahuachapán. She oversees all electrical operations and work performed by contractors at the plant. Ms. Mendez is passionate about women’s issues and has taken part in her company’s activities to promote female leadership.

Idalia shared with Utah Global Diplomacy how impressed she was by the volunteer community and the ties made between women within different sectors to integrate and achieve common goals. “In this experience, I must admit that the visits we had with the different organizations and personalities left me strongly rooted in the need to establish networks that allow for the support of counseling or support to women who need help.”

Women Leaders May 2017 photo by FMB 7 Utah Global DiplomacyWomen Leaders at Cotopaxi

Ms. Mendez also shared insight into the professional struggles she faces and how she is working to overcome those obstacles. “In my case I am an electrical engineer, therefore since I began my studies it has been hard to work not only with men but also to have the same opportunities as them, that is to say both in academics and in work. In the workplace it is difficult for the credibility of women's work to be accepted.”

Women Leaders May 2017 Idalia Mendez Impact Story photo by IM 2 Utah Global DiplomacyIdalia explaining the process of generating electric power

“I am the first female electrical engineer working in the electrical department of the geothermal plant in my country… I am proud of the professional woman that I am, I know that there is still much more to do and I am sure that I will be able to activate more women that will ensure that technical areas are not dominated by men and that men can accept the roles of women in all aspects."

Utah Global Diplomacy applauds Ms. Mendez on the progress she is making in her country to aid social change. We wish her the best and look forward to her bright future.

Women Leaders May 2017 photo by FMB 18 1 Utah Global DiplomacyWomen Leaders: Drivers of Social Change