Friends of Utah: Irina Dubovik

Ms. Dubovik with other International Visitors at the Utah State Capitol. Ms. Dubovik with other International Visitors at the Utah State Capitol.

Ms. Irina Dubovik visited Utah as part of the Women and Entrepreneurship program and touts her time spent in Salt Lake City as the most significant part of her IVLP experience. As a businesswoman and CEO of Project Marketing, she appreciated how Utah is providing an excellent environment for the cultivation of enterprise. She praises the quality of the program’s visits with professional resources, and is looking forward to possibly returning to Utah in order to explore potential business opportunities. 

Upon her return home, Ms. Dubovik attended the FinTech Hackathon in Minsk with other Belarusian entrepreneurs. At the gathering, Ms. Dubovik had the opportunity to discuss how the knowledge she gained from the IVLP could be applied locally. Ms. Dubovik shared why she valued her time in Utah and presented a map of Belarus’s startup ecosystem that her participation in the IVLP inspired her to create. This map provides useful information for business startups at every stage of development from the initial idea, to planning for growth and expansion. Currently, Ms. Dubovik is planning to develop a website that can be used by Belarusian entrepreneurs to view the business startup ecosystem map, give feedback, and search for investments. The site will also serve as a place where Belarusians can network with their fellow entrepreneurs in the United States.

FINTECH HACKATHON AWARD_Friends of Utah_Utah Global DiplomacyMs. Dubovik being presented a FinTech Hackathon award in Minsk, Belarus.

Ms. Dubovik expresses her many thanks to Utah Global Diplomacy and all the people she met with during her time in the United States. We are pleased to know her visit to Utah proved so valuable to her personal and professional development.