Friends of Utah: Nadziroh Nasir

Ms. Nasir visits the Utah State Capitol Building. Ms. Nasir visits the Utah State Capitol Building.

Ms. Nadziroh Mohd Nasir is a Senior Teacher at a Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia (ABIM) school in Alor Setar. Among her accomplishments as an educator, Ms. Nasir helped organize a nationwide ABIM academic Olympiad at her school. Her desire to learn about teaching practices that motivate students made her an ideal candidate for the December 2019 IVLP program on the theme of School Management and Pedagogy Systems for Madrasah Educators, administered by Meridian International Center.

During her time in the U.S., Ms. Nadziroh Nasir examined public, private, and faith-based school models, observed classroom norms and values, and studied civic and faith-based initiatives and extra-curricular activities that promote cross-cultural dialogue and engagement. Her group met with a variety of professional resources including the Utah State Office of Education, the Khadeeja Islamic Center Mosque, Salt Lake County Library Services, and the Montessori Community School.

Ms. Nasir’s group had the opportunity to participate in a tour of the Utah State Capitol with Representative Elizabeth Weight. During their tour, the group discussed public school funding and the different ways that the government maintains separation of church and state in Utah schools.

One of the most memorable moments of Ms. Nasir’s trip was exploring Salt Lake City with members of her program group. Ms. Nasir recalls the incredibly cold weather as she visited the Salt Lake City Mormon Temple.

Friends of Utah Nadziroh Nasir Photo 2Ms. Nasir takes a photo in front of the Salt Lake City Mormon Temple.

After she visited Utah, Ms. Nasir reports that she developed a better connection with her community, networking with more people, organizing more community engagement events, and sharing her thoughts more frequently at public gatherings. She continues to share her experiences from Utah with others, which revitalized her cause.

Being in Utah also taught Ms. Nasir the power of charity. In navigating COVID-19 in Malaysia, Ms. Nasir explains, “I noticed Americans are really good in doing charity and that really gives a huge impact to me become more sensitive about others. So I gave donations to many organisations that provide foods for those who were in need.”

Educators have played a critical role as essential workers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Many have put their own health at risk in order to ensure that youth continue to learn and grow. Recognizing the many sacrifices teachers in the U.S. and abroad have made to continue to support their students, we express our deepest thanks to educators, like Ms. Nasir, for their contributions to learning throughout this global crisis.