Friends of Utah: Omar Balderrama

Mr. Omar Balderrama, founder and director of the non-profit Amor y Convicción (Love and Conviction) in Mexico, visited Utah in February 2017 with the International Visitor Leadership Program titled Addressing the Needs of Underserved and At-risk Youth.

Using a data-driven approach to identifying at-risk communities, Amor y Convicción carries out targeted anti-drug programs at public schools within those neighborhoods.  The program includes workshops during the school day, interventions with parents and immediate family members, and follow-up statistical analyses to measure impact.

Being part of the Utah Global Diplomacy Friends of Utah alumni group, Omar recently followed up with us to share the impact his visit to Utah had on him, his organization, and his community, and we are thrilled to share everything he has accomplished! 

Amor y Convicción started a campaign against the consumption of alcohol in young people for social networks and open television.

Amor y Convicción improved the exposure of their civil organization with this video for social networks.

Arriving back from the United States, they worked on a program that provided temporary housing indigent individuals. They updated their strategies to prevent addiction in schools. They trained members of the police in preventing violence and addictions in young people.

Amor y Convicción encouraged an anti-doping law so that every public servant has to do an anti-doping test before entering to work for the government.

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"Thanks for the support I received in Utah!" Omar Balderrama