Friends of Utah: Ganzorig Vanchig

Mr. Vanchig with Down Syndrome advocate, Kate Grant Mr. Vanchig with Down Syndrome advocate, Kate Grant

Mr. Ganzorig Vanchig is a social entrepreneur and Chairman of Bat Solution Partners, a strategy and communications consulting practice. He is a founder and chairman of the Down Syndrome Association of Mongolia and a board member of the Special Olympics Committee Mongolia. Ganzorig is an active member of CFO Club Mongolia and E- Station Community that unites Mongolians who live, study, and work abroad. All of this work led him to be chosen as the Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum in 2014. He is also the executive director of the CEO Club Mongolia, a business advocacy association representing top business groups and companies. In his work with NGOs, Mr. Vanchig has served as a founding member, board member, chairman, secretary, and finance director. He works tirelessly to spread awareness and inclusion for people with disabilities.

In April 2019, Mr. Vanchig visited Utah as part of the US Department of State International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP), focusing on NGO Management. The program was facilitated by the Meridian International Center. During the program, Mr. Vanchig met with a variety of nonprofits like the Community Foundation of Utah, SpringBoard Utah, Center for Community Engaged Learning, OgdenCAN initiative, Emerging Leaders Initiative (ELI), Fund Raising Counsel Inc., Utah Division of Housing and Community Development, and the Lieutenant Governor's office on the Utah Commission on Service and Volunteerism. These organizations presented their work to help participants gain insight into effective processes that could be implemented in their home countries. Topics included how to strengthen leadership, how to employ better volunteers, fundraising tactics, and how to further the organization's mission through technology and marketing. 

f-6-87-13810437_64NlXjeh_278835648_10160110250638980_850099566589648016_n.jpgMr. Vanchig with participants of the equal education access campaign.

Through this experience, Mr. Vanchig felt an increased desire to engage more with his work with Down Syndrome Association Mongolia and the Special Olympics Mentorship programs. He commented, “I deeply felt what is the meaning of volunteerism. I engaged in more volunteer work when I came back to Mongolia.” He also reported feeling connected to those he met in Utah and wanting to maintain relationships with them. 

Just this year, he and the Down Syndrome Association released a feature-length film, The Trio, about the life of a boy with Down Syndrome. He is currently working to submit it to international film festivals to, as he describes, “defend this very special community's human rights and encourage inclusion, equity, and access.” Mr. Vanchig is passionate about this project and is grateful for the inspiration that his visit to Utah afforded him. To watch the trailer for The Trio, click the media link below. Participants of the equal education access campaignParticipants of the Down Syndrome awareness campaign.

The Trio trailer