February 15, 2024

3 Podcasts to Expand Your Global Insight: Diplomacy Toolbox

Podcasts offer invaluable insights into global issues, deepening understanding of geopolitical relationships, diplomatic strategies, and pressing challenges. They foster critical thinking skills, promote an appreciation for cultural diversity, empower individuals to analyze ongoing events, and actively contribute to discussions across diverse topics. Furthermore, they can provide additional resources and opportunities.

Alongside popular choices such as The Daily and BBC’s Global News Podcast, consider adding these three resources to your globally informed toolbox:

The New Humanitarian 

The New Humanitarian operates as an impartial news outlet, producing in-depth reports from the heart of conflicts and disaster zones. Their coverage aims to highlight urgent issues, advocate for vulnerable populations, and foster positive change in global humanitarian response efforts.

Carnegie Connect

The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace presents Carnegie Connects, hosted by Aaron David Miller. He delves into critical foreign policy matters through in-depth discussions with experts, policymakers, and journalists. The series aims to illuminate geopolitical tensions, humanitarian crises, and strategic solutions to foster informed dialogue.

Global Dispatches Podcast

Hosted by Mark Leon Goldberg, editor of the United Nations and global affairs blog UN Dispatch, Global Dispatches offers a rich tapestry of insights. From geopolitical developments to humanitarian crises, it provides a platform for informed dialogue and deeper engagement with our interconnected world. 

Bonus Podcast For Local Dialogues and Perspectives:

Utah Women & Leadership Project

The Utah Women & Leadership Project (UWLP), hosted by Utah State University, aims to empower Utah girls and women. Their mission involves three key components: research, resource creation, and training events. By producing reliable research, gathering valuable resources, and convening informative events, they strive to ignite growth and positive change for all Utah residents, particularly women and girls. 

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