March 07, 2024

International NGOs and Networking: Citizen Diplomacy Certification Week 4

Utah Global Diplomacy is delighted to have launched its Citizen Diplomacy Certification as part of the International Leadership Academy! During the ten week course, the Citizen Diplomacy Certification cohort will dive into world affairs topics taught by dynamic local subject matter experts, and elevate their professional experience through immersive, hands-on activities.  

As a Senior Recruiter for the Peace Corps, Lauren Willie took us on a journey of the foundations of the Peace Corps and her firsthand experiences with them in the health sector in Cameroon. Lauren explained the vast opportunities and benefits for people with all backgrounds and expertise to be involved in the Peace Corps. She highlighted the importance of sustainability through Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) and asked participants to share what sustainable development looked like to them. Three resonating responses include, don't impose on others, instead try to learn from them, it takes time to build sustainable solutions, and participatory approaches and listening to community priorities will collectively solve issues. Another idea she discussed, that has been highlighted in past weeks, is the power of speaking the language of those you are engaging with. Whether it is another lingual dialect or empathizing to understand a perspective, this practice can foster trust and understanding.


 2024 wk 4 Citizen Diplomacy Certification07


Don Willie, Director of Operations at The Point, pulled us together to refine our networking abilities. What are some words that come to mind when you think of networking? This is what we shared: relationships, talking to strangers, connection, collaboration, opportunities, learning, sustainability, friendships, teamwork, interaction, and mutual benefits. To improve our networking, he recommended that we shift from the idea that “they can do something for me” to “what can I do for them” and identify the mutual benefit of networking with someone. In his closing, he offered two invaluable pieces of advice: firstly, he emphasized the significance of recognizing the profound impact of small, everyday interactions with others. He encouraged us to adjust our routines intentionally to facilitate these “collisions”. Secondly, he underscored the importance of maintaining positive relationships and never burning bridges, leaving doors open for future opportunities. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to share his Networking Action Plan with you!


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