March 18, 2024

5 Skills in Mastering Plain Written Communication: Diplomacy Toolbox

Writing is an essential part of your professional toolbox, especially in today’s digital world. When done effectively, this tool can elevate your communication to new heights. Many professionals have explained the value and impact of having robust and versatile writing skills. Clear and effective written communication is essential for conveying ideas, instructions, and information accurately and comprehensively. The U.S. Department of State has provided a Plain Writing Guidance. While this is geared towards The Department of State, these skills transcend professional sectors and can help build on already established writing experience.

1: Understanding your Audience:This will guide your writing approach. Tailoring the understanding to their level of familiarity with the subject will help you strike the right balance between complexity and simplicity.

2. Use active voice and personal pronouns Doing so will make your writing more relatable and fosters a greater connection.

3. Concise Sentences and Paragraphs:Being concise will provide clear and direct themes of your message, improving effectiveness.

4. Transition Words:Maintain the flow and coherence of your message by using transition words without adding more than necessary.

5. Define Uncommon Terms: This ensures clarity and avoids confusion for your reader.

Polished writing skills contribute to professionalism and credibility, leading to impactful positive consequences. The U.S. Department of State has also crafted a guide for Preparing Memorandums. Leveraging both of these resources can give you an edge in preparing for a career in the Foreign Service, and give guidance in elevating your current professional experience.

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