March 28, 2024

Making Budgets Work and Subnational Diplomacy: Citizen Diplomacy Certification Week 7

Utah Global Diplomacy is delighted to have launched its Citizen Diplomacy Certification as part of the International Leadership Academy! During the ten week course, the Citizen Diplomacy Certification cohort will dive into world affairs topics taught by dynamic local subject matter experts, and elevate their professional experience through immersive, hands-on activities.  

An often overlooked but crucial aspect of leadership development is the ability to effectively manage personal and organizational finances. That is why this week we had KeyBank sponsor this discussion with Branch Manager Tanner Winegar leading our conversation. Just as leaders are responsible for guiding their teams towards success, they must also steward financial resources with prudence and foresight. Learning how to take care of one's own budget not only fosters fiscal responsibility but also sets an example for others to follow. We discussed living within our means and reflecting on our priorities and long and short term goals. We also looked at our discretionary income and the 50/30/20 spending rule on needs, wants, and savings/debt. Tanner highlighted the importance of having emergency savings for events like car repairs; just start somewhere with this fund. Mastering budget management instills confidence and credibility, enhancing leadership effectiveness and fostering trust among team members and stakeholders. Ultimately, leaders who prioritize financial literacy and responsibility lay a solid foundation for achieving long-term success and driving positive outcomes for their organizations.

Week 7 Citizen Diplomacy Certification 1

For the second half of the class we received great wisdom from Merin Rajadurai and Derek Kitchen. Merin has over 20 years experience working for the Department of State. Derek is the Senior Vice President of Congressional and Intergovernmental Affairs at the U.S. Export-Import Bank. We had a family dinner style conversation about our personal educational and career paths. They gave personalized ideas for opportunities to expand and advance in careers and opportunities in civil service, foreign service, contract firms, and more that interest us. There was a lot of wisdom shared, but the highlight was to keep surrounding yourself with the best people because we all rise together. 

Week 7 Citizen Diplomacy Certification 3

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