April 18, 2024

Expanding your Horizons and Simulation Solution: Citizen Diplomacy Certification Week 10

Utah Global Diplomacy is delighted to have launched its Citizen Diplomacy Certification as part of the International Leadership Academy! During the ten week course, the Citizen Diplomacy Certification cohort will dive into world affairs topics taught by dynamic local subject matter experts, and elevate their professional experience through immersive, hands-on activities.

We have reached a significant milestone in completing our first Citizen Diplomacy Certification! Our Spring 2024 cohort has been highly engaging, showing their commitment to refine their international knowledge and their leadership toolbox, and share their own expertise and experiences. We started the class with completing the second half of our International Nuclear Crisis: Non-Proliferation and National Security Diplomacy Simulation. Like many personal and global issues, it initially seemed as if we were on the brink of a peaceful resolution. However, as stakeholders continued their negotiations, uncertainty prevailed on whether they would commit to peaceful solutions. Afterwards, we had an insightful discussion on how this simulation transformed our views on diplomacy and its application to both future professional endeavors and as everyday citizen diplomats. A recurring theme was the value of communication and various methods to engage stakeholders with differing values. Furthermore, we explored how identifying common ground among stakeholders or third parties can nurture enduring relationships. One participant expressed admiration for NGOs and international bodies such as the United Nations for their efforts in convening diverse stakeholders to seek common ground and address challenges arising from disparate values and objectives.  Lastly, one of the stakeholders underscored the long-term impact of uplifting people, groups, and nations, echoing the sentiment "a rising tide lifts all boats". Through this simulation, we not only identified diplomatic tools applicable at the international level but also emphasized their relevance and efficiency for interpersonal interactions. 

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In the latter half of our last session, we engaged with Felecia and Jeremy, CEO and COO of Utah Global Diplomacy. Our focus was to expand our horizons and leverage the wealth of knowledge accumulated over the past ten weeks. how we can apply what we have learned over the last ten weeks to enrich our professional trajectories and our own personal growth. Central to our conversation was the significance of cultivating meaningful connections, both within our cohort and subject matter experts. Felecia and Jeremy reiterated the value of fostering and maintaining those connections, and continuing to take proactive measures. Our International Leadership Academy is committed to empowering our local and global community by providing accessible resources.  To further this goal, we have chosen cohort members to be International Leadership Academy ambassadors in championing our mission and ensuring that these resources extend far and wide. We invite you to stay connected with the International Leadership Academy through our free monthly Professional Development Workshops, mentorships, and career opportunities. Additionally, if you would like to be a peer mentor email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thank you for virtually participating in our 10-week Citizen Diplomacy Certification program by engaging with our blog. Keep an eye out for the application for our Fall 2024 Citizen Diplomacy Certification!

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