Thomas Appiah

L3Harris Technologies

​Thomas Appiah, whose name is well-recognized in both professional and community service spheres, boasts an extensive work history spanning several continents. He has left his mark in Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and the United States of America, showcasing a remarkable talent for strategically positioning products to achieve sustainable growth. His fervent dedication to serving his local community and the global population shines through his diverse network of professional and social relationships.

In 2007, Thomas Appiah founded the Appiah Consulting Team International Inc., a Management Consulting firm with a particular focus on emerging markets in Africa. Within this organization, he holds the esteemed titles of President and CEO. Additionally, he assumes the role of Chairman at the African Chamber of Commerce of Utah. His commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion is evident through his tenure as a member of the Diversity Board at Zions Bank.

Thomas Appiah's passion for education extends beyond his consulting work, as he has taken on the role of Adjunct Professor at Utah Valley University's Woodberry School of Management. Furthermore, he has lent his expertise as a visiting Lecturer at both Brigham Young University School of Management and the University of Utah Eccles School of Management.

In the realm of community service, Thomas Appiah's legacy stretches back three decades when he played a pivotal role in organizing HART (Humanitarian Aid Relief Team) to Ghana. This organization continues to provide vital medical training, procedures, and infrastructure development in remote areas of Ghana. Presently, Thomas Appiah holds positions as a board member of HART and as a board member of Utah Global Diplomacy.

A central pillar of Thomas Appiah's philosophy is his unwavering commitment to encouraging citizens to take active roles in improving their communities. He channels this passion into all his consulting endeavors and community service initiatives, all with the overarching goal of fostering mutual respect and mutual benefits in every negotiation.

In addition to his impressive professional and community contributions, Thomas Appiah shares his life with his beloved wife, together nurturing a family of four beautiful children.

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