Jake Hinckley


When Jake was 21, he found himself standing on the equator with his left foot in the northern hemisphere and his right foot in the southern hemisphere staring up into the bright blue sky. He spent the last two years of his life living in the vibrant country of Ecuador and spent the last week of his experience in Quito, the capital city, literally standing in the middle of the world reflecting on life. While living abroad, he thought about returning home approximately 1,000 times. (And that’s a low-ball estimate.) But despite the initial language barrier, high altitudes of the Andes mountains and mosquito-infested coastal regions, unique foods such as guinea pig and chicken foot soup, and sometimes unbearable homesickness, he stayed. He’s that person. Once he says he’ll do something, it will happen.

He has put that unwavering dedication to work as a teacher, administrator, coach, public speaker, consultant, volunteer diplomat, world traveler, client success guru, and organizational change leader.

He’s well-versed in employee, customer retention, and expansion, strategic planning and development, relationship management, building solid client success teams, coaching, training, and facilitating, team building, and change management.

If you’re interested in grabbing coffee or hot chocolate and talking international travel, great books, windsurfing, or organizational change (or hearing how he escaped six machete-wielding men in the remote banana fields of Ecuador), we’ll connect you to Jake.  

  • Resource Type: Mentor