March 17, 2020

Sara Day: Utah Microloan Fund

Sara, middle in black top, flanked by members from the Volunteerism and Civic Action group Sara, middle in black top, flanked by members from the Volunteerism and Civic Action group

Ms. Sara Day is the Programs Manager of Training and Outreach at Utah Microloan Fund (UMLF) where she provides business consulting and training to emerging entrepreneurs and creates an engaging online presence for the UMLF. She also serves on the Boards of Local First Utah, the Westminster Social Impact Incubator, and runs an award-winning Instagram account aimed at bringing people together over shared interests in Utah. Ms. Day has been an outstanding professional resource for Utah Global Diplomacy since 2016, and we are thrilled to highlight her experience based on a survey we conducted with her.

We care deeply about the impact our international visitors receive from multiple sources, one of which is our local resources. We partner with community leaders throughout Utah to strengthen our network of peacebuilders. Ms. Day is one of those key individuals who frequently meets with our international visitors and engages in cross-cultural exchanges. We asked her a series of questions to better understand the time spent with our International Visitor Leadership Program groups for Volunteerism and Civic Action in January 2020.

Q1: Do you feel you/your organization had an impact on the group? If so, what do you think that impact was?

I believe so! We had a pretty varied group in terms of marketing experience but the group asked many questions, were very engaged and a bunch of them came up to me afterwards and told me how much they liked the class. They also requested the materials be sent out to them as well.

Q2: Can you tell me about your experience with the visitors? What changed your perception or brought awareness to their culture?

I have worked with the Utah Global Diplomacy in different capacities since 2016 I believe. I have done chats with small groups, put on classes, given tours of places I have worked, and no two groups are the same which keeps it fun. This group was from over 20 different countries so whenever I am crafting my materials I have to remember to not use idioms or slang, make sure what I am teaching is available in their country and makes sense for them, and to explain things in a way that ESL folks can understand. This time there weren't any translators which makes it a bit more relaxing but still a challenge. I love it!

Q3: How did the visitors impact you/your organization?

I love meeting all of them, hearing about their organizations and missions, and where they are from. I always look forward to chatting before and after class and many times they gift me little trinkets from their home countries that I cherish. I will always participate with the Utah Global Diplomacy as long as they keep having me back!