September 27, 2017

Taste of Home Hospitality: Cynthia Douglass

Cynthia Douglass with International Visitors Cynthia Douglass with International Visitors

International Visitors with Promoting Interfaith Dialogue of Saudi Arabia recently visited Utah. While in Salt Lake, the group explored several interfaith associations and community initiatives. Cynthia Douglass, long-time host with Utah Global Diplomacy’s Taste of Home Hospitality program, welcomed our Visitors into her home for an evening of delicious food and engaging conversation.

Ms. Douglass is very aware of Arab culture and customs, having lived in Saudi Arabia for 15 years. For their meal, she offered a range of traditional Arabic and eclectic raw food options which the guests loved. Of their evening, Ms. Douglass commented that the group discussed “Islam and Saudi values and exchanged ideas about the government and legal systems in our respective countries.”

Utah Global Diplomacy thanks Ms. Douglass for hosting a wonderful evening for our International Visitors!