November 03, 2017

YLAI 2017

The Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI) empowers innovative leaders to build their capacity to launch and advance their entrepreneurial ideas and contribute to social and economic development in their communities.

For one month, YLAI participants referred to as “Professional Fellows” meet with like-minded companies, work alongside and are mentored by a local professional counterpart, and develop specific action plans to carry out upon return to their home countries. YLAI Professional Fellows build networks, linkages, and lasting partnerships to attract investments and support for their entrepreneurial ventures.  

YLAI 2017 fellows at dinner photo by Natalie Utah Global Diplomacy

YLAI 2017 PCTV photo by Natalie Utah Global DiplomacyFellows interview with PCTV in Park City

In October 2017, Utah Global Diplomacy worked with ten YLAI Professional Fellows from various Latin America and Caribbean countries by connecting them with host businesses and nonprofit organizations to provide a mentorship.  Additionally, the Professional Fellows met once a week for workshops focused on key aspects of entrepreneurial activity and skills needed for success.

YLAI 2017 meeting with Ken Embley photo by Natalie Utah Global DiplomacyMeeting with Ken Embley of the David Eccles School of Business, University of Utah

Throughout the next week we invite you to join us as we introduce this year’s ten Professional Fellows and give insight to their cultural and professional experiences in Utah.

YLAY 2017 Music ad the Spoken Word Temple Square photo by Megan Utah Global DiplomacyFellows at Music and the Spoken Word in Temple Square

   YLAI 2017 Antelope Canyon photo by fellows Utah Global DiplomacyFellows visit Antelope Canyon

Meet Our Fellows: Maria Julia Alvarez, Xavier Retif and Ricardo Diaz Meraz

Meet Our Fellows: Watson Cesaire, Jessica Silva Mendoza and Juan Camilo Herrera

Meet Our Fellows: Maria Valentina Gonzalez, Avena Prince and Andrea Toro Ortuno