Citizen Diplomacy Certification

Utah Global Diplomacy is excited to launch our newest program, the Citizen Diplomacy Certification! Beginning in a condensed form as a Citizen Diplomacy Bootcamp, the Citizen Diplomacy Certification is the most comprehensive, in-depth, and hands-on practical professional training program in diplomatic and international relations offered by the civil sector in the state of Utah. It prepares individuals for participation in foreign relations, diplomacy, and international affairs, in everyday life or in professional occupations including government ministries, embassies and consulates, private businesses, international organizations, and global NGOs.

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Why should someone join the Citizen Diplomacy Bootcamp?

Utah Global Diplomacy has more than fifty-year of experience in hosting international exchange programs with foreign dignitaries and emerging leaders and facilitating conversations that help shape public discourse in international affairs.

This course explores the history and value of traditional diplomacy in Utah and the United States, how soft diplomacy impacts every facet of our life, and provides the tools, best practices, and resources to be exemplary citizen diplomats. Furthermore, it creates optimal learning conditions through highly interactive and experiential learning, where program participants explore real-life case studies, simulations, networking, and other diplomatic opportunities.

Bootcamp Goals

This Certification Bootcamp primarily caters to individuals at the beginning of their careers who are looking to diversify their skills and experience in the field of international relations. 

Each program participant will:

  1. Be introduced to obtainable career opportunities in international relations.
  2. Feel more confident- by strengthening their knowledge and skills -  to work in international relations.
  3. Be exposed to and broaden their minds to diplomacy-related concepts, information, and education.
  4. Meet and learn from Utah’s leadership and subject matter experts who work in international relations.

Program participants can expect to walk away from the course with three main benefits

Professional Development: Participants can anticipate developing their skills through critical thinking, teamwork, collaboration, problem-solving, persuasive communication, and global competence.

Education: Participants will gain in-depth knowledge of how to take the theory of political science, international relations, public administration, and other fields and apply it to current case studies.

Mentorship: Participants will network and learn from Utah’s top leaders who work in international relations.  These leaders may include elected officials, business owners, government officials, nonprofit leaders, and civic activists. 

The Citizen Diplomacy Certification was may possible through support from Utah Humanities.


For questions about the Citizen Diplomacy Certification course, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..