Paige Raw

Southern Utah University

Hi, I’m Paige Raw! I am an international student from the Kingdom of Eswatini. No matter how many kilometres I am across the ocean, my bare feet are always rooted in the soils of home, and my bones sing with the stories that have shaped me. Eswatini both mothered and fathered me. It uncovered the realities of the world, and made sure to leave nothing sugarcoated. The Kingdom taught me the importance of being gentle and altruistic, but also to be firm and fearless. About 10 months ago I decided to trust the unknown and jump onto a flight to the United States to further my education at Southern Utah University. The colourful perspectives of Eswatini drew me towards the field of cultural psychology as well as finding ways to strengthen the human connection. I dream to work for a non-profit organisation like Vital Voices that focuses on economic empowerment for women across the globe. I am Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s number one supporter and hope to follow her commitment of fighting for what she believes in.

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