2023 Hong Kong

Mercedes Ng is an oil painter who lives and works in Salt Lake City, Utah. A native Hong Konger, her vibrant and cheerful paintings pay special tribute to her homeland. From bustling malls to jam-packed street markets, Hong Kong is known for its many crowds. Her paintings often involve cityscapes and still lifes, which are intentionally lacking in population. By portraying her home in this manner, her objective is to create superficially playful stories tinted with a sense of forsaken uncanniness. Mercedes was educated at the University of Utah and later finished her Bachelor of Arts at Brigham Young University in 2020. She has recently been selected as a recipient of two grants. One from the “New Beehive” project as well as the “I Am” initiative which is organized by the Center for LDS Arts. Her works have been and are scheduled to be shown in exhibitions in the U.S., Hong Kong, Japan, and Ireland. She recently completed a month-long residency at Studio Kura, Fukuoka, Japan in 2023.

Hong Kong Back_Utah Global Diplomacy_Strings of DiplomacyHong Kong Detail 1_Utah Global Diplomacy_Strings of DiplomacyHong Kong Detail 2_Utah Global Diplomacy_Strings of DiplomacyMercedes Ng_Utah Global Diplomacy_Strings of Diplomacy