2023 Thailand

Renee Sarasvati had an amazing opportunity to live in Thailand for several months in 2017 and felt right at home riding a scooter in the jungle. The fresh fruits, culture, people, and ocean were so beautiful to visit and inspired her Strings of Diplomacy violin. She loves world travel and hopes to visit Thailand again soon. Renee is a powerful and passionate creator who truly cares about showing up in the world in a good way and leads through example and humility. She inspires a deep introspection into self and universe through her writing, visionary and prophetic art, powerful questions, observations, and expressions. Renee is a teacher and a student in the world devoted to beauty and love. Her powerful practices around energy, accountability, curiosity, and creativity make her integrous as she is wild and sacred. You can see more of her work and services at RenSarasvati.com.

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