2023 Vietnam

Terry Peterson paints because she enjoys observing nature and life. Each painting serves as a personal journal entry of her life, capturing a specific experience on a particular day and time. The Vietnam Violin painting comprises multiple images derived from her own photographs taken during a trip to Vietnam. Serving as the family guide for the trip was her daughter-in-law, Vivon Ung Peterson, who was born in Vietnam. Throughout her entire life, she has been deeply involved with art. Having obtained a BFA magna cum laude from Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), she has worked in various art-related fields, including silk-screening, illustration, art teaching, directing art camps, and designing print publications and outdoor exhibits. Since retiring to Utah in 2017, her focus has been on plein air oil painting. She finds unlimited inspiration in traveling and camping amidst the beautiful and dramatic landscapes of the western region.

Vietnam Back_Utah Global Diplomacy_Strings of DiplomacyVietnam Detail 1Vietnam Back_Utah Global Diplomacy_Strings of DiplomacyVietnam Detail 2Vietnam Back_Utah Global Diplomacy_Strings of DiplomacyTerry Peterson

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