Ozwald Hutton

Board of Directors 

Professional Connector

With a passion for learning and an even greater joy to share that knowledge with others, especially those within his community, Oz Hutton has become one of the most preferred mentors in the West. After serving a decade in the Marine Corps and now almost longer in the events management industry, Oz’s ability to empower others and guide them past ideation to action has resulted in the success of many personal and professional endeavors. Hutton is a connector of people, interests, and ideas. His keen insights and ability to create synergy amongst groups of people have led him to serve on the Board of Advisors for some of Salt Lake City’s top organizations. He is intuitive and resourceful and radiates such enthusiasm that it’s hard not to leave a conversation with Oz without feeling inspired. In his pursuit to be his best, he empowers his community members to be their best versions.