International Leadership Academy

Looking for a career in international relations? Join the International Leadership Academy!

The International Leadership Academy will prepare you for a successful career in international relations by:

  • Developing your professional skills.
  • Teaching you how to network.
  • Connecting you with mentors.
  • Sharing job and internship opportunities.
  • Keeping you informed about world affairs.


Joining the International Leadership Academy is simple! 

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Get Your Citizen Diplomacy Certification

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Nights 6:00 - 8:30 p.m. 
Thursdays, February 8 - April 18
The first week is a virtual orientation
Cost: Free, but an application is required.

Acceptance will be given to those who successfully apply first, so do not wait to complete this application! 

Looking to round out your resume for a career in international relations? Attend the Citizen Diplomacy Certification! 

Dive into world affairs topics each week as you engage with dynamic local subject matter experts who skillfully connect these issues to their profound impact on Utah. Then, elevate your learning experience through immersive, hands-on activities designed to enhance your knowledge, confidence, and soft skills. As you gain insights into pressing global issues, you'll grow the invaluable skills that employers seek. Amplify your resume and stand out in the competitive job market by joining us on this exciting personal and professional growth venture!
Skills you can expect to develop include public speaking, advocacy and lobbying, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, teamwork, networking, communication, project management, negotiation, and cultural competency. 


U.S. & Utah Diplomacy Public Speaking
Global Famine  Policy Analysis, Advocacy, and Lobbying
Propaganda and News  Critical Thinking and Research Skills
Interfaith Conflict & Dialogue      Emotional Intelligence
International NGOs Teamwork, Collaboration, Networking
Digital Diplomacy Written Communication Skills
Climate Migration Strategic Thinking, Professionalism, and Project Management
Economic Warfare  Negotiation and Mediation
Innovative Diplomacy Cultural Competency

Strengthen Your Professional Skills While Networking

Throughout the year, we will offer professional development workshops and networking events.

5.7.2024: Beating Imposter Syndrome

6.4.2024: Preparing for Financial Emergencies

9.3.2024: Mastering Credit Reports & Scores

12.3.2024: Preparing for Retirement (or other big changes)


Stay tuned for additional upcoming events. 

Speak with Mentors

Connect with peer-to-peer mentors and professionals who will provide invaluable guidance, wisdom, and support, helping you navigate challenges, cultivate personal and professional growth, and achieve your fullest potential. 

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